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Mikhail Limansky

Principal Software Engineer @ 1-OFD

I started to use Scala in 2012. For the last three years I'm using Scala as a primary language at work, and also have several open source projects. The company where I work, creating a high load system. And also our product have to store a lot of data. That's why Scala and Spark is our choice.

Make your Java Beans shapeless with BeanPurée

As a Scala developer you are very possible have to use some Java code in your project. Sometimes it’s force you to have a separate models in Scala and in Java. For example you don’t want to use mutable classes in your Scala code. Or you may use a Scala library which expect case class as an input, and a Java library providing Java Beans. BeanPurée is a library which brings generic programming to your Java Beans.

In this presentation I’d like to show some use cases when it may be helpful for you. And I would like to show how it works. BeanPurée is built on top of shapeless, so the talk contains an overview of shapeless internals as well.