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Roman Grebennikov

Scala developer @ Findify

Roman Grebennikov is a passionate software developer from Russia with hands-on experience in software development, JVM, high performance computation and algorithmic research. During last years he has focused on delivery of functional programming principles and practices to real-world data analysis and machine-learning projects.

Case classes ate my RAM

Case class is a most widely used way to model your data. But when the data is huge, you can amazingly discover that only a tiny 10% of your precious RAM used for the data itself. But where is other 90%?

During this talk, you will have a deep dive to the JVM internals learning about case class layout, Scala collections true memory overhead and ways to decrease it. We’ll introduce a scala-packed, the project helped Findify to solve a real-life case of reducing memory usage by an order of magnitude by extending Scala collections with transparent Shapeless-based case class <-> Array[Byte] packing.