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Damien Bailly

Software Engineer @ Cake Solutions Limited

Damien is a senior software engineer who enjoys working with startups and helping to build new products. He started as a consultant working with HP and Orange on telecommunication systems. He then join a startup where he developed large-scale machine learning systems for telecom operators worldwide. Since he joined Cake Solutions he helped to build modern web applications and distributed systems.

gRPC recipes with ScalaPB

gRPC is a modern RPC framework that avoids the main errors from the past (RMI, SOAP, …). It is both fast and asynchronous and supports a wide variety of languages (java, c, go, js, …).¬†Unfortunately there is nothing for Scala ūüôĀ but fear not! Thanks to ScalaPB (which leverages the java implementation) we can enjoy all the benefits of using gRPC in Scala. Plus, as ScalaPB provides ways to generate code based on the protobuf definitions we can even have better integration with Scala tools (e.g. akka-streams, monix) or bridge the gap with REST services by automatically generating a REST proxy for your gRPC services.